Debora Screpanti, Marketing Manager, Blupura

Debora Screpanti is the Marketing Manager of Blupura, an Italian manufacturing company of mains fed watercoolers.  With a Master Degree in International Economics and Business, she joined Blupura on 2013.   Debora is now one of the longest standing members of Blupura, having actively contributed to the development of the company, which is one of the major players of the watercooler industry and expert in the Hospitality sector.


WATERCOOLERS IN HOSPITALITY:  “Opportunities, Trends and Innovations”

More and more independent Restaurants and Chains are installing Point of Use watercoolers, to serve locally produced filtered water as an alternative to bottled water: this is a worldwide trend. This presentation covers the advantages for the restaurateur and for service companies, in terms of revenues and image. The presentation also includes a comprehensive business plan, to show the advantages of the watercooler models for the hospitality sector.