Dr. Babak Adeli, Senior Engineer, Research & Development, Acuva Technologies

Babak brings extensive research and engineering expertise through over a decade experience in academia and industry. His experience spans several aspects, including modelling, simulation and control, as well as nanotechnology, electrochemistry and ptoelectronics. Through extensive research, development and integration experience of UV-LED systems, including optimization of microbiological performance and optical characterisation, he has worked with many businesses to help elevate their products with industry-leading water disinfection technology.

Babak has a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia, where he received several awards, including the 2016 IC-IMPACT Excellence in Collaboration & Creativity.


Optimizing total cost of ownership with UV-LED water disinfection

Recent developments in UV-LED water disinfection technology enable applications that were previously not possible. This workshop will provide helpful insights and considerations for integration of new UV-LED systems and their positive impact on optimizing total cost of ownership for leased watercooler systems. From reduced maintenance requirements to enhanced protection of health and safety, UV-LED systems provide new opportunity while eliminating the environmental impact and contamination risks of legacy systems. Learn more about the strengths of UV water treatment systems, key considerations for system design that optimize performance including material selection, scalability, customization, as well as ease of integration.