Peter Hogervorst, Teamblue Dolphin

Peter Hogervorst spent all his working life in bottling. Starting at Heineken in 1987 and moving to the 5 Gallon industry with Dolphin in 2000 he has experience in bottling beer, soft drinks and, of course, water. In 2007 he completed the acquisition of Dolphin Production in Mierlo, Netherlands. In 2012 he acquired Porla Brunn, Sweden. In 2015 the German branch was founded in a joint venture with family owned Teamblue resulting in Teamblue Dolphin with more than 100 years of experience in the watercooler industry, especially in bottling.

Every year around 100 million litres of water are filled by the group for more then 50 distributors in 9 countries from the North Cape to the Alps.


5 GALLON BOTTLING:  “DIY or Contract?”

This workshop will give insight into the technical, financial and logistical parameters of 5 gallon bottling. It will help distributors of bottled watercoolers  to understand the different aspects to apply to their own situation.